Bed Bugs Natural Treatment

Kill bed bugs with an all-natural product made
out of essential oils and plant extracts

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Looking for an effective but safe and healthy way to kill bed bugs with a bed bug treatment using an all-natural product ?


Many people that end up buying our plant and essential oil based bed bugs product, do so for three main reasons :

1- Costs : Getting rid of bed bugs by using extermination services that either offer chemical or heat treatments end up costing a lot of money, especially the heat treatment. The chemical treatment is intrusive and requires a few treatments spread over a few weeks. Our product ends up costing only a fraction of these bed bug treatments and requires very little effort on your part.

2- Health : Many health-conscious people with bed bug problems are now looking for alternatives, at least more now than ever before. Although the authorized chemical treatments are considered safe for humans and animals if only exposed to them after a few hours, everyone knows it’s not ideal from a health standpoint. That’s when our product becomes an obvious alternative since it truly works.

3- Desperation : Some people have tried various alternative treatments that simply don’t end their bed bug problem. Our natural product generates results immediately and effectively !

We know we sell a great bed bugs product because it’s been successfully used by ourselves as well as many other greatly satisfied customers over the past 10 years. We only sell something we actually believe in ! We truly want to help everyone with bed bug issues, first and foremost. We sincerely empathize with you if you’re literally traumatized because of bed bugs. You deserve to kill bed bugs as soon as possible and do so by using an effective, safe, non-intrusive and health-conscious natural product.

Look no more…we have what you’re looking for !!!

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Our all-natural bed bugs product is perfect for health-conscious individuals.
This bed bugs treatment is safe for children, pets and people suffering from allergies.
An all-natural alternative to kill bed bugs.



Niaouli – Lemony eucalyptus – Basil – Thyme – Cinnamon


Cut 2 angles of the pouch over the hash marks and put it on the floor in the corner of a 200 square feet room where the bed bugs are located. Make sure your packet isn’t blocked by other objects. Take off the used pouch before placing a new one.


Use this bed bugs product only as indicated and what it’s meant for. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid exposure to over ventilated areas and heat. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show content to the doctor.


Purchases are securely made using the Paypal payment system. You can either use your credit card or your existing Paypal account.


It takes approximately 7 business days before you receive your package, starting from the moment your order is made and payment goes through.


$7.50 US dollars per ordered kit. Each kit comes with five (5) diffuser packets (Eradicators #1 to #5) to treat one room of 200 square feet. Each pouch or packet weighs approximately 7 grams or 0.25 ounces.